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26 October 2010
Dave Clingman


Another Fun Weekend

This weekend was a fun one. Friday we went downtown and spent much of the day in the Numismatic Expo looking at old coins and selling a few, Saturday we relaxed, and Sunday we went to Casa de las Flores after church. It was a great weekend.

At the Numismatic Expo we were able to sell five coins for a small profit. We had purchased these old coins for just the cost of the silver in them, but we sold them to coin dealers at the Expo for wholesale coin collector prices. We paid $1114 pesos for the coins and sold them for $1470 pesos, making us a profit of $356 pesos (a little over $28 US). Since we enjoy wandering around downtown through the cambios and other places that buy and sell silver, looking at the old coins they have to sell and trying to find some that might sell for a bit of a profit, we are quite pleased to have made money this time.

We also tried selling some more coins on eBay this month, since our friends Larry and Sharon were headed to Arizona for a wedding and could take some coins with them for delivery. Unfortunately, this time, we barely broke even with the sale of our twelve coins. So, we were very glad to be able to make a bit of profit at the Expo.

The main reason we went to Casa de las Flores Sunday was so that we could visit the Expo Ganadera (Livestock Expo). The Ganadera fairgrounds is about ten blocks from Casa, and at first we tried driving there. Last year when we went with Stan and Jose, they took us there in a taxi. We went on a weekday morning, when there were very few people, and the taxi dropped us off and picked us up right at the entrance.

This year, though, we went Sunday afternoon, and it was extremely crowded. There were no parking spaces within several blocks of the entrance, and the ones further out were charging anywhere from $50 to $100 pesos ($4 to $8 US). When a usual car park around here costs only a few pesos, this seemed outrageous. Also, most of the spaces the people were trying to "sell" were public space on the streets.

So, we drove back to Casa and started to walk there instead. As we walked we discussed the Ganadera and discovered that each of us thought the other was wanting to go to it, when it reality, neither of us wanted to go there much at all.

Instead of continuing to the Ganadera, we turned around and headed toward the center of town (Tlaquepaque) to enjoy the crafts stores and other attractions there. We stopped at a street vendor and had a small lunch of torta ahogada (literally, "smothered cake" or less literally, "drowned sandwich"), after which we continued our walk. A couple blocks further, just around the corner from Casa, a bulldog attacked Mela. We both kicked the dog, and he left off. Mela was fine, just scared. However, Andrew twisted his ankle with his kick, so that for awhile he could only limp around.

After resting for a few minutes, we headed back to Casa to relax. Later in the evening, we walked across the street to a home-based restaurant for dinner, very common in Mexico. Andrew had quail and pan fried potatoes, and I had pork quesadillas. Back at Casa, they served us dessert of ice cream and a sweet cornbread cake made with coconut. Stan had also bought a very sweet dessert wine, which we shared as we sat around the table and talked.

Andrew's foot is fine now and was fine even after resting for just a few hours.

This weekend is Halloween in the US, and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) here in Mexico, though many local costumed kids nowadays wander around door to door for the free candy. Dia de los Muertos is a celebration of friends and relatives who have died. Many families go to grave sites to eat, drink, and play games to remember and honor their dead loved ones. One of our favorite things about Day of the Dead is the Pan de Muerto (Dead Bread). It is a lemon flavored bread sprinkled with sugar and made in the shape of a round loaf with bones radiating from the center. It is quite yummy, one of the sweetest things we've found here. We enjoy it and buy a small loaf a couple times each week during the month of October.

The rainy season has long since passed and things are drying up again. The temperature is nice and cool in the morning, but warm in the afternoons. Very nice.


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