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18 February 2010
Dave Clingman

Tomorrow we are driving southeast toward Mexico City but not going that far.  We're going to Morelia, Patzcuaro, and Uruapan, as well as smaller towns near these.  Click here to see a map of all three towns.  (Morelia to the right of Patzcuaro, and Uruapan to the left)

The main purpose of this trip is to see what the area is like and to determine if we might like to live there.  We'll be viewing several properties in the area that are for sale.  Please pray we have a safe trip, see the places we want to see, and that God guides us to decide where to live.

Yeah, we've decided to put our move to the other RV park south of here (
Chimulco RV Park in Villa Corona) on hold for now.  The main reason we were wanting to move there is for the use of the hot pools.  We both enjoy soaking, and Andrew likes to swim.  But we thought we could also build our own place here and have a hot tub, though it would of course be too small for swimming.  Then we decided that we should first determine if we want to stay in this area before we put much money into this location.  Hence, our trip southeast.

This has been a busy two weeks since my last "weekly" log, and this one is going to be short.  As I said, we leave tomorrow (Friday) for four days, returning Tuesday morning, and we still need to pack.  But just a quick recap of what we've done these past two weeks:
I met with the owners of Mundo Bilingue, the school where Andrew teaches English, and they decided to go ahead and have me design their website for them (http://mundobilingue.mx).  We worked on it several hours, and then they changed their mind.  So for now that is on hold.
Museum of Paleontology of Guadalajara, quite interesting.
I upgraded to Windows 7, took seven hours, including installing my many programs.  Andrew was already upgraded.  Because of this upgrade, we needed to buy a new printer/scanner, as our ancient one is not supported.
Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra in Teatro Degollado, cost $10.37 US each -- imagine trying to get a ticket back in California for a first rate philharmonic for that price!
Valentine's Day party at Chimulco RV Park in Villa Corona, plus soaking for a couple hours in their hot pools.
Our Church (St. Mark's Episcopal) Gay Group meeting and Bible Study.
Valentine's Day and our eight month anniversary.
Andrew sold his flat back in Whakatane, New Zealand, so that we no longer have the headache of renters and repair problems.  Thanks, God!

I'll write more next week (hopefully) about these things as well as our trip.  Please be praying for us this weekend.  Thanks.

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