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28 March 2010
Dave Clingman

Happy Palm Sunday.

This morning Andrew narrates the English part of the service at our welcoming church's bilingual Palm Sunday service here in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Our friend Pedro will narrate the Spanish part.  We also have a procession into the church as a remembrance of Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem a few days before He was crucified.  It will be our first experience with a procession.  I hope they have palm branches.

Speaking of Pedro, his husband is visiting him from Arkansas, USA for a couple weeks, and they invited us to dinner a few days ago.  Since Pedro lives in Tonala, which is near Tlaquepaque, and Andrew was already planning to go rollerblading with another friend Jacob who lives in Tlaquepaque, we stayed at
Casa de las Flores Bed and Breakfast in Tlaquepaque.  It was a great way to visit with our friends and my website clients Stan and Jose while also saving us from having to drive back and forth twice.

Dinner was very nice.  We'd never met Pedro's husband Gary, since during his last visit
we were in Europe.  He seems a very nice guy, and they sure are in love.  The dinner was yummy, even though the chess pie didn't set up right.  You see, there is no regular corn meal here in Mexico like in USA, and the corn meal breading for fish that they used for the pie didn't absorb the liquid sufficiently.  It would have been Andrew's and my first experience with chess pie.  We know it tastes yummy, since we were able to sample the liquid.  The chicken, home made mashed potatoes and the bean casserole were all delicious, and the company was wonderful.

After dinner, we four drove back to Casa de las Flores and sat there talking awhile after exploring the Bed and Breakfast.  We'd shown it to Pedro, and he'd told Gary about it.  After drinks and ice cream there at Casa, we walked to the plaza and enjoyed a fresh churro stuffed with cajeta (pronounced "cah-hay-ta"), which is similar to caramel, and surrounded by sugar.  Quite yummy.

We very much enjoy our Guadalajara welcoming church,
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church .  It is nice to not have to hide who we are.  The service is worshipful, and the sermon is applicable to our daily lives.  The church has various other things besides the Sunday service, as well.  For instance, every other Saturday evening, they project a fun movie onto the wall of the fellowship hall.  Last week it was "The Brothers Bloom".  They have popcorn and cookies and water, and you can buy a soda or other drink cheaply from the vending machine.  It is a good time to catch up with our friends, as well.

Every other Sunday of Lent, the church provides a free pancake breakfast before Sunday service.  Andrew and I attended two of the three times they had it.  We were in Patzcuaro for the first one.  There were four or five kinds of toppings for the pancakes, including my favorite, cajeta, and the two times we attended, we had bacon with the pancakes.  There were a couple kinds of juices, as well as coffee and tea.  Yet another chance to catch up with our friends at our Guadalajara welcoming church.

Mela had her stitches removed this past Monday.  We returned to the same vet in Tlajomulco who performed the surgery for free.  He had told us that he'd remove the stitches for free but ended up charging us $70 pesos (a little over $5.00 US), still a better deal than spending over a hundred US dollars for the surgery.  We kept the cone collar on her for another four days and continued spraying the antiseptic on her incision area, because she had licked her stitches before we bought the cone and had broken open one of them.  She is fine now, completely healed, and she is back to being able to romp outside or soak up the sunshine as much as she wants.

And now, the best news of all --

We finally have our own landline telephone, and the internet service should begin this week.  Now you don't have to pay the high cell phone rates to talk to us in person.  You can call us on our landline telephone at the following number:
email us if you would like our phone number>
Of course, you'll still have to pay the long distance fees to Guadalajara, Mexico, whatever your phone service charges, but you won't have the thirty or so US pennies per minute fee for calling a cell phone.  We hope to get our answering machine set up within a few days.

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