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24 September 2009
Dave Clingman

This was a less busy week for me.  Yes, though I don't work much anyway, this week was even lazier.  My main website client took a short vacation, and I was already caught up on her site.  So, I focused a bit on getting new clients.  Besides the people I have been soliciting, it appears that by circumstance I might get two other new clients.  I emailed someone regarding a domain name I might be interested in purchasing, and he replied that he was holding it, hoping to eventually get a website developed.

He continued to tell me about a dozen other domain names that he also purchased about ten years ago, hoping one day to either develop them or sell them for a profit.  He owns a Bed and Breakfast called
Casa de las Flores in Tlaquepaque, a town that is part of the Guadalajara metropolitan area, and he would like to have those other domain names made into websites that would point tourists to his B&B site.  He invited us to visit his B&B to see it, and he even gave us a free room for the night, so that we could experience his amazing gourmet breakfast.  We were appropriately impressed.

Casa de las Flores Bed and Breakfast is the most amazing place we have ever stayed.  The front of their place looks much like the rest of the neighborhood, other than being painted more lively colors than nearby homes.  But as soon as we walked in the front door, we were impressed by the amount of effort that had gone into making this place a beauty.  There is local artwork on the walls and shelves.  The central room of the B&B has a fireplace in which a fire is regularly lit on cooler evenings.  And when we walked through the hallway into the gardens, we were awed by the magnificence of the plants and flowers.  There is a fountain in the middle of the garden that added the sweet sound of flowing water as we sat at the tables in the patio area.

The rooms themselves are huge!  They are well appointed but not overdone.  Some rooms have a separate "living room" type area with couches and comfortable chairs.  The upstairs rooms overlook the garden and fountain.  The rooms are immaculate, the cleanest rooms I've ever seen here in Mexico, and most hotels do indeed keep the rooms very clean.  There is a basket of helpful items in the bathroom, including ear plugs (I don't know why), soaps, and plastic bags.

The service here is also wonderful.  I wondered if we might have been receiving special care to impress us so that we'll work on the website, but talking with the other couple there confirmed that Casa's hosting is simply excellent.  Breakfast in the morning was yummy:  fresh fruit and juice, special prepared dishes (on alternate days, we were told), and breads or toast.

Staying there gave Stan and me much time to discuss business, including improving his website visibility.  He might have me design and host five new websites for him, all of which will talk about the Guadalajara area and will have links to his B&B website.  I will also be working a bit on his main website, though presently another designer is giving it a face lift.  I sure hope he lets me work on his website, because
Casa de las Flores is simply amazing.

While we were at the Casa de las Flores, another couple was there who owns an RV park in Baja California near Cabo San Lucas called "
La Trinidad RV Ranch".  He has a website for his park, and of course, he asked me to view it and make suggestions to him.  I have emailed him with a few suggestions.  Please pray that one or both of these work opportunities opens for us.

The FM3 visa process continues.  *sigh*  Each week I am sure we have finally reached the last step, and each week they ask for one more thing.  Last week they made me turn in the photos for my FM3 and come back a week later (which will be tomorrow).  I had kept trying to turn in the photos, and they kept pushing them back to me.  So, I should get my FM3 (finally!) tomorrow.  Andrew received his paper to take to the Hacienda (Mexico's tax collection agency, like U.S.'s IRS).  We both have appointments with the Hacienda this coming Monday.  After that visit, Andrew will turn in the paper and his photos and should receive his FM3 the following week.  So, hopefully, this process is nearing its conclusion.

Yesterday we visited another tianguis.  This is the nearest street market to us, just across the main boulevard and down a few blocks.  Besides produce which we usually buy at one of the tianguis, this time we also purchased our first Mexico honey.  It has a different taste, of course, since the bees feed on different flowers.  The cost was $30 (pesos) for a liter which weighs 1.4 kilograms.  That works out to about $1.57 U.S. for one kilogram, or 72 U.S. per pound!  The cheapest I could buy honey back in California was $1.77 per pound.  The savings continue.  We plan to buy peanut butter at a tianguis next week.

And speaking of next week -- Since we have been balancing our budget each month for awhile, we figure we can afford to
get a puppy.  So, we'll begin our search this week.  (Actually, Andrew has been looking at puppies online and at the local pet shop for more than a month.)  Please pray we find the right one for us:  small enough for our small yard, non shedding and preferably short haired, trainable, and hopefully already having received at least some of its shots.  Thanks.

Until next week --

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