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New Year's Eve

We've been unable to find a place to be able to wifi to send emails, and this should be the third you receive from us at the same time as another from here in Paris and one from Lyon.  Sorry about that.  Wifi used to be difficult to find here in Europe, but it is even harder now.  And the wifi still seems hesitant to work when we find an open link.  I wonder if Europe has newer devices that this rather ancient pda won't access.  Anyway, you're receiving this now (hopefully before we return to Mexico), so we must have found one finally.

We could not find anyone else who would open their home to us for this evening, but our CS Host here has decided to let us stay in his home even though he will not be home.  Amazing.

We have seen many many things here in Paris:  Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc d' Triomphe, Eiffel Tower (of course), Montparnasse Tower, the giant ferris wheel, a boat cruise.  Long and busy and fun days.  We found a little cafe that has a menu of 10 euros where we have a nice selection of entrees, main course, and dessert.  We at there twice and enjoyed it both times, though I think the food and service was better the first night.  We've been walking and using the metro twelve to fourteen hours a day with no rest.  It is great fun seeing Paris with Andrew, experiencing the things I have already seen with his new perspective, as well as seeing things neither of us has previously seen.

This evening, there are a couple of celebrations we'll check out for New Year's midnight.  The Eiffel Tower has a one time only light spectacular from 11:30 until just past midnight.  No fireworks, though.  I guess fireworks have been "outlawed" this year, the first time ever.  Don't know why.  There is also supposed to be something along the famous Champs Elysee, and so we'll probably walk along there awhile before going to the Eiffel.  With so many millions living in Paris and many more tourists, I can imagine the places are going to be crowded.

Even more scary is the metro.  The last couple of evenings, it has been so crowded that people are packed in jammed against each other.  Last night, on the way to the Louvre, I just got inside the door, and Andrew was not able to push his way inside.  He caught the next metro about ten minutes later.

The Louvre was fun.  Using my cane, though my foot was not hurting badly, we were invited to bypass all the lines (queues), and we even got front row access to Mona Lisa.  Everyone else was made to stand behind a line, but we two were invited right up front of the line, about three meters closer to the famous painting.  Neither of us still understands why this particular painting of the thousands in the Louvre is so famous.  But at least we can say we've seen it.

Tomorrow we head to Rouen and the Normandy part of France.  In just a few days we'll be flying home.  This is a great vacation.

Thanks for praying for us.


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