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Rouen, January 2, 2010

The drive yesterday from Paris to here was uneventful.  Our CS Hosts here are nice, and they even invited us to share their dinner.  We even got to help make the dessert of apple/pear/pineapple cobbler.

Today we drove to and through the Normandy 1944 D-Day Invasion Beaches.  It was quite interesting to see the historic places, and it was very pretty country through which to drive today.

Snow fell here last night, and there was more of it on the way to the beaches, but the weather warmed during the day, so that the snow was no longer on the roadway this evening as we returned.  Over at the beaches, the weather was cold but clear, bright sunshine and wonderful blue skies.

This is likely to be my last email from Europe, since we fly home in just a couple of days and especially since I have still been unable to get an internet connection through which to send these emails.  I'll likely end up sending them through our USA cell phone while we wait in Houston, Texas between our flight from Amsterdam and our return flight to Guadalajara.  We've had a wonderful time here.  Thank you for praying for us.


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