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I’m writing this on a rustic cabin patio overlooking a forest south of Mazamitla, Mexico.  Mazamitla is a mountain town about 2,200 metres high and 120 km south of Guadalajara.  Mazamitla is a favourite vacation place for middle-upper class Tapatios (residents of Guadalajara) during the summer and on weekends.  Second to white sandy beaches (which are popular world-over), Mexicans love to relax in cabins with wood trim and wood decks, surrounded by forests.
Mazamitla trees and cabins

Our view from the Mazamitla, Jalisco cabin

I wonder if the desire for a particular vacation destination reflects elements that are uncommon where people usually live.  Much of Mexico is hot and dry, the remaining forests are shrinking in size, and the cities are polluted and full of people.  So people seek out temperate pine forests in mountain areas.  Wood is expensive here and an uncommon building material, so wood cabins are a touch of the exotic.

Canadians flock to Mexico during the winter, leaving behind the bone-chilling cold for a warm, dry, sunny climate, with a touch of the exotic – Mexican culture and food.

Teotihuacan pyramids near Mexico City

Teotihuacan pyramids near Mexico City

Many Mexicans, if they can afford it, like to holiday in Canada and Europe.  The snow, cold, rocky mountains and clean cities are so different and exciting. 

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

A mountain beside frozen Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

New Zealanders like to head to Australia or Southeast Asia for big-city excitement and shopping, or the Pacific Islands to escape the damp chill of winter.  For many kiwis, lying on a beach and snorkelling on a coral reef for a few days sounds very appealing. 

Sydney Australia

A cityside Australian beach

The grass is usually greener on the other side when vacationing, but probably only because it is different than the usual and slightly exotic.  The number of people who decide to move permanently to the “other side of the fence” is much lower.  “A change is as good as a holiday” is the saying – “a holiday is as good as the change it gives” also appears to be true.

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