The Price of Milk

I was stunned to hear that the cheapest price for 2 liters of milk in New Zealand is now $4.30 ($USD 3.30, or 3.7 grams silver.)  Here in Mexico, the price of 2 liters of milk is 15.8 pesos ($USD 1.29, or 1.4 grams silver.)

One of New Zealand’s largest export earners is dairy products.  It’s famous for its green rolling pastures, long growing season, few diseases, highly efficient farms, and advanced dairy technology.  Mexico has only a few dairy farms, is a semi-arid country, and is known for needing to bring in cow feed most of the year, hot, dry summers, inefficient farming methods, and low use of technology.

Neither country uses subsidies or tariffs for its dairy products anymore.

What am I missing here?

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