About Andrew J. Wharton

I’m a New Zealander married to a Californian living in Mexico.  I’ve worked in New Zealand and Canada as an urban and environmental planner.  I’m an itinerant English teacher in Mexico at the moment, but my ultimate career goal is to work as an urban designer and planner in southwest British Columbia or in New Zealand. 

My partner Dave, our lovable dog Mela and I live in a motorhome in the outer suburbs of Guadalajara, Jalisco at the San Jose del Tajo RV Park.  Life is good here. 

I use this blog to post about topical news, concepts and ideas that interest me enough to write about them.  I can’t promise regular posting – posts will appear as they come to me and as I have the time and inclination.

I hope you enjoy my blog entries and that they catch your interest.  I would like to get a comments option up here too, to generate a discussion every once in a while or even just some smart-alec remarks.

One thought on “About Andrew J. Wharton

  1. Hey, Andrew. I just stumbled across your site while looking for a picture of suburban sprawl to swipe. I hope you haven’t abandoned it entirely. I’ve become interested in issues of city design as my own town (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) comes to grips with its future, or doesn’t.

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