Zacatecas – El Acueducto and Ex Plaza de Toros San Pedro

View of Zacatecas Aqueduct from Cerro de la BufaFrom La Bufa, we rode a taxi nearly half an hour down the hill and to the far side of town, to El Acueducto (an ancient aqueduct) and the Ex Plaza de Toros San Pedro (a old bull fighting ring, now turned into the Quinta Real Hotel), and the Sierra de Alica park with dancing fountains and rotunda. The ride cost $40 pesos (about $3.25 US), though the starting price that one driver quoted was $50 pesos. Back in Fresno, it cost nearly that much just to get into a taxi.

Zacatecas AqueductAs I exited the taxi, I cut my leg on an exposed piece of metal. Many Mexico taxis aren’t in the best condition. Some of them sound like they’re on their last legs, yet they keep going.

Zacatecas Aqueduct being refurbishedThe aqueduct is being overhauled, but it still looks amazing. We finally got to see one. We’d meant to visit the Morelia aqueduct earlier this year, but there were so many things to see and do there that we simply forgot.

Zacatecas Quinta Real and Bull Fighting RingThe bullring-turned-hotel was also amazing. The hotel is literally built on top and inside of the old bullring, though we’re sure the bullring itself was also renovated as part of the hotel construction.

Zacatecas' Quinta Real and AqueductAndrew then went up to see the Museum of Contemporary Zacatecas Art and a large church above it, both beautiful buildings.

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