Happy New Year (a bit late)

Andrew caught a sore throat our last day in Mexico City, but he was better after just a couple days. I caught a cold a few days later, and it stuck with me for two weeks. We are both well now. Life is great here when one is not ill, and when one is ill, life is not so great no matter where one lives.

Andrew started a new semester at Mundo Bilingue. He has two busy days each week and four not so busy days. He is also taking French lessons now, having just begun last week. He very much enjoys learning French, a language he has been wanting to learn even since before our trip to Europe last year.

I continue working on websites, though business is a bit slower, and we both continue transcribing audio whenever they have files available. The transcription company had told us they could have a file for us every single day after the first of the year, but so far, they’ve had files only four times in the three weeks of this month. I can do a file nearly every day, but Andrew can do them fewer days because of his heavy work load at the school.

We both hope you have a wonderful 2011.

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One Response to Happy New Year (a bit late)

  1. Valaree says:

    Hi Dave and Andrew,
    Looks like you are having a great time down there visiting all over. Since I told you of the cruise to Ensenada that 30 of us enjoyed, Shari, Bob and I have had company from Holland for over a week, Dick and Peggy. We all drove to Reno to visit Shari & Bob’s
    son, Rob, Jill, Chase, age8 and Jack, 6. Before we got there we went to Virginia City
    checked out their old stores and had lunch at one of them. We intended to go home
    Monday, Valentines Day, and good thing we did as the wind woke us up early that morning. And as we headed over the mountains, we had a few sprinkles and snow flurries. Dick and Peggy left Thursday to drive south and Friday morning I woke up to looking at snow. What a shock, but it was beautiful. Only about an inch and then the sun came out and it was gone by late afternoon.
    I’m still trying to catch up on emails. You said you were sick for over a week, are you not taking echinacea and zinc? I always thank you so much for telling me about that.
    I haven’t been sick since you told me and gave me some and I have been taking it ever since except in the summer. Well, take care and thanks for your blog.