ZipLines in Puerto Vallarta

Ziplines Brochure

One thing we wanted to be sure we did on this trip was to ride on some ziplines. During our last trip, we had only one afternoon and one early morning, and none of the ziplines fit our schedule. So, this trip we wanted to be sure we did one.

Puerto Vallarta Ziplines

As mentioned previously, we found a magnificent deal for the ziplines. The usual price is $754 (nearly $63 US) per person, but because the person from whom we purchased our activity had two extra tickets that were free to him, we were able to go for just $300 ($25 US) each. The price (whatever one ends up paying) includes transportation from near one’s hotel to the ziplines and back, but we took our car so that we wouldn’t have to wait for the shuttle to return us.

Andrew J. Wharton on Zipline

The company with whom we zipped (Canopy Vallarta) is located just above Puerto Vallarta, and the view from up there is great. Most of the ziplines are located over half an hour from PV, but ours is only a few minutes and has a view of the city and ocean. I kept commenting on how perfectly they are located — close to town so that you don’t spend an hour or more traveling and with a view of PV.

Andrew J. Wharton on Zipline

Our guides were great. They all speak English, which was helpful for me, the only non-Spanish speaker, though Andrew enjoyed the English version, as well. Sometimes things were explained a bit more thoroughly in Spanish than in English, and Andrew was able to fill me in on the missing parts.

Dave Clingman in Middle of Zipline

A cameraman traveled with us, photographing everyone. He then sells a CD with over 300 photos of the trip for $500 (nearly $42 US). Since we had our own camera and because we always need to watch our finances, we didn’t buy from him, though it would have been nice to get a couple that he took. The guides told us repeatedly that we aren’t supposed to take our camera with us, but we insisted. They said they simply didn’t want to be responsible for a camera that is dropped while zipping.

Andrew J. Wharton Between Ziplines

When I was in Costa Rica four years ago, I rode some ziplines there. This one was better than that for a couple reasons. One is that the view was of a city in the background, whereas most ziplines even here in PV are higher in the mountains so that the background is only jungle behind more jungle. A second reason is that we were able to do the course faster, because the guides here don’t waste much time between riders. A third reason is that there were no bugs, though they had recommended we bring insect repellent. Perhaps in the summer there would be bugs. A final reason is the price, though the regular price would have been about the same as the Costa Rica ziplines.

Last Zipline of the Day

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