Dinner at La Pizza Nostra in Puerto Vallarta

Breakfast Buffet at Hotel Mercurio

For most of our meals, we ate very cheaply. Breakfast was included in the price of the room at Hotel Mercurio and is served between 8:00 and 10:30, so we ate breakfast there each morning.

We had brought cereal from home, and we ate that for our lunches, along with milk purchased from the Oxxo.

Quesadilla Stand

Our first night we had dinner at the small quesadilla stand beside the sidewalk on the way to the beach. We ate here on our last trip, as well. They have very good food. Total for three quesadillas plus two ice creams from the Oxxo down the block was $90.50 (about $7.50 US).

Quesadilla Dinner

Our second night’s dinner was simply sandwiches and burritos from the Oxxo down the road, for a total cost of $38 (slightly more than $3 US).

Lasagna at La Pizza Nostra in Puerto Vallarta

One night, our last night in Puerto Vallarta, we ate out at a nice restaurant, La Pizza Nostra. It wasn’t overly fancy, but the food was delicious. Our two servings of lasagna and two drinks cost us $320 (just under $27 US). For dessert, we bought ice creams from Oxxo ($36.50 or about $3 US) and ate them as we walked along the sidewalk overlooking the beach.

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