Lazing on the Puerto Vallarta Beach

Puerto Vallarta Beach

Each morning we found something to do here there and everywhere. But the afternoons were more relaxed. We simply borrowed a couple of the huge Hotel Mercurio beach towels and walked the block and a half to the beach. From there, we turned left and headed south to the famous Blue Chairs beach, the gay part of the beach at Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Beach

Once there, found a couple chairs in which to relax. For our first two days, we found two right at the front, with an unobstructed view of the ocean. Our third day, we went to the beach earlier in the afternoon and found it more crowded than the last two times and had to take a seat about three rows back from the beach. After claiming chairs with an umbrella for shade, we placed our items on them and then jumped into the water and swam and enjoyed the waves for half an hour or so.

Blue Chairs Beach, Puerto Vallarta's Gay Beach

Once back at our chairs, Andrew usually ordered a drink of some kind, and we just sat there and talked and watched the scenery. It is very fun and very relaxing.

It is amazing the variety of things that people passing try to sell. There is an abundance of food, from seafood on a stick to fruits and candies. There are souvenirs such as keychains, woven baskets and bracelets, and there are more useful items like blankets and sunglasses.

Andrew's Henna Tattoo

Last time we were here, back in June 2009, Andrew paid for a henna tattoo to be placed on his chest. From that tattoo, he designed for himself his present gecko tattoo.

Customizing Andrew's Necklace

This year, Andrew decided to purchase a puka shell type necklace with a shark’s tooth hanging from it. The lady was asking $250 (about $21 US) for it, but Andrew offered her $100 (a little over $8 US) for one, and she accepted. The one we both liked best was a bit longer than he wanted, but the lady quickly offered to shorten it for him. It only took her a couple of minutes to remove a few beads from each end to make it the length than Andrew wanted.

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