Buying a Business Suit for $124 USD

As we’ve previously mentioned, many things cost less here in Mexico than in other places. Electronics are NOT one of those things, but clothing and tailoring certainly is less expensive here than in many other places.

While we were downtown, we saw a men’s business suit store was having a sale; so, we entered to see what they had. I could not believe the prices. The last time I bought a suit was back in the 80′s, I think, and back then they cost around $100 US. The best suits here (name brands, too) were $1499 (about $124 US).

Andrew's New Suit


Andrew tried on a few suits. Then we walked across the street to see what they had at another store. That store was not as friendly as the first one, nor did they have as nice a selection. So, we crossed the street again, and Andrew tried on more suits.

He finally chose a dark blue one, and I must say he does look good in it. Perhaps after we pick it up next week, after the free tailoring, I’ll get him to pose for a photo to add here.

The one he finally bought, the dark blue one, cost $1499 and was on sale from $5999 (nearly $500 US).

Interviewing for a Job

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