Zapopan Basilica

We’ve been meaning for a long time to drive the half hour to Zapopan to see some of that historic town, which is on the northwest side of the Guadalajara metro area. We finally took an afternoon to visit there.

Exterior of Zapopan Basilica

The Zapopan Basilica is quite beautiful inside, though its exterior gives no hint. What makes this basilica special, though, is that it houses the Virgin of Zapopan, a sacred “doll” (meaning no disrespect) 34 cm (about one foot) tall, made of corn stalks, with wood for hands. She is also the General of the Army of the Three Guarantees, as well as the Queen of Jalisco. She is credited with having won a war and bringing relief from epidemics in Guadalajara.

Interior of Zapopan Basilica

Each year on October 12 (Columbus Day), a huge procession begins a full day (and night) of celebration in honor of the Virgin of Zapopan. The procession begins at 6 am at the Cathedral in downtown Guadalajara and heads west to the Basilica of Zapopan.

When we visited, there was a service in progress, so we didn’t try to enter the basilica. Perhaps one day we’ll return to marvel at the interior and to go through the attached museum.

We also visited the Zapopan Arch this same day, though I was slow writing about it.

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