Mexico's' Dia de la Bandera (Flag Day)

Mexico Flag Entering Plaza Tapatio

Today is my birthday, and it is also Mexico’s Flag Day. We had been trying for months to watch the army lower the flag, which I thought was supposed to happen every Thursday at 6:00 pm. Several people in the downtown area had confirmed this is when it happens, but every time we were downtown Thursday’s at 6 pm, no flag was on the pole.

Mexico Flag Day Army Buglers

Army Buglers

Yesterday while we were downtown, Andrew checked at the Palacio Gobierno (Governor’s Palace) to find out if they would be lowering the flag for Thursday (today) for Flag Day. They told him that a ceremony would begin at 9:00 this morning. So, we made arrangements to be here.

Mexico's Flag Day Army Band

Army Band

We arrived about twenty minutes early, and they began immediately. The flag rose at precisely 9:00, but there were preambles. We’re very glad we arrived early.

Mexico Flag Day Army Band in front of Guadalajara's Cathedral

Army Band in front of Guadalajara's Cathedral

The army buglers played their themes, and people saluted by placing their right hands against their chests similar to the way people in the U.S. pledge allegience to their flag, but here the hand is placed horizontally, with the thmb against the chest, palm facing down.

Mexico Flag Day in Guadalajara

Mexico's very large flag

You can see in the photos that this flag is BIG. It is the second largest flag I have ever seen, the only larger one being in Mexico City when I visited in 2008. We had tried during our visit there to watch the flag lowering, but the zocalo was filled with ice rinks and such.

Mexico Flag Day in Guadalajara

Mexico Flag at flag pole

After the flag was raised, the army band played songs, people made speeches, schools performed their marches. We left after about half an hour.

Mexico Flag Day in Guadalajara

Mexico Flag rises

What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. All of Guadalajara turned out for my day. (just kidding, of course) We are very glad to have been able to finally watch the large flag downtown.

Mexico Flag Day in Guadalajara

Happy Mexico Flag Day

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