Zapopan Arco (Arch)

Zapopan Arco (Arch)

While visiting Zapopan, our second stop was to be the arch. We couldn’t find it at first, but we asked directions. We discovered that we actually could have seen the arches from the Zapopan Basilica if all the displays and activities weren’t distracting us.

Zapopan Arch and Fountain

The Arch is just two blocks from the Basilica, along a pedestrian only walkway. We have seen that most every town, big or small, has an arch or a double arch marking its entrance.

One side of the Zapopan Arch

They are beautifully done and a joy to see. Most of the ones we’ve seen have been simply as we drive along a road going somewhere else, because many of the arches are very close to the main roads off of which the towns are located.

View of Zapopan Basilica from Arch

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