Our Van Sold

Yesterday afternoon, a man called to tell us he would be driving four hours from the San Francisco Bay Area to buy the van from us.  While I was talking on the phone with him, the phone beeped to let me know I had another call.  It was the young man who had looked at our van the previous day and had taken a test drive in it.  He wanted to buy the van and had cash in hand.

Before I cancelled the Bay Area guy, I wanted to be very sure that the young man really was going to buy it.  I asked if he had the cash in hand, and he said he had $2500. I  pointed out that today’s price is $2750.  He asked if I would accept the lower amount.  I said that I would not, that I have another guy coming to buy it late that evening.  He said he would bring the full amount.

I called back the Bay Area guy and let him know that it was sold, so he didn’t begin the long drive here.

Sure enough, the young man came by and bought it for cash.

Yay, the van is sold!

The young man, Eric, who bought the van, told us that he is going to use it as an extra room, so that his brother, who has a disability, could live in it.  It sounds like our old van is going to have a good home and useful life.


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