Shipper Success

We called early this morning to the company we have contracted to ship our stuff.  They subcontracted out the pickup service that was supposed to show up yesterday.  He assured us that he would have a different company come and pick up our stuff today, and he even gave us a two hour window (from 3 to 5 pm) in which to expect them, instead of the four hour window the other company gave yesterday.

At precisely 3:00, the truck driver called and told us that he was a little over one hour away.  Precisely one hour and one minute later, he pulled into the driveway.  He and his co-worker were very pleasant and polite and helpful, oh, and they were cute.  They did all the moving of the boxes, some of which weigh well over one hundred pounds (45 kg).  They even waited very patiently while we added more strapping tape to most of the boxes.

Half an hour after their arrival, our packages were on their way.  It is a bit scary (but not too much) that the truck driver didn’t know where he was going to be taking our boxes, but he explained that he just goes from Point A to Point B and only then calls to find out where Point C is.

With all our eBay listings completed and only a few more payments needing to be received, and after a full morning in Fresno, just about everything is completed that needs to be done before our departure Monday.  Tomorrow might actually be a full day off.



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