Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 3:30 pm

We arrived here this morning at 6:00.  The flight went well, with some turbulence but not much.  I actually slept on this flight, for about four of the thirteen hours.  Andrew slept about as long, as well.  The seat backs have individual video screens on which you can play games, watch recorded tv shows, or movies.  I watched two movies.  Dinner was served shortly after take-off from Los Angeles, California, and breakfast was served about an hour before landing.

We were delayed in Immigration, because they had no record of my brand new work visa.  That took about half an hour.  After that, everything else went quickly.  Even Customs was nothing more than placing our luggage on an x-ray machine and picking it up at the other end.  US pre-flight security takes longer and is more intrusive.  Outside the airport, we had to wait about an hour for the shuttle to our rental car.

After picking up the rental car, it was off to Auckland town center.  The traffic wasn’t overly bad, but there were several slow sections.

A rest at the hotel, then into town to buy cell phones, check in at the bank, and to buy some groceries.  Lunch back at the hotel (at 3 pm), then off to look at rental cars, which is where we are headed now.

The last week was less busy than the previous four or five weeks, but it was still quite hectic.  We sold most of the items we listed on eBay, and we were paid for all but one.  The car, van and tow dolly all sold, as well as other items.  We shipped twelve boxes of stuff from Coarsegold to here, but we won’t see that stuff for four to six weeks.  Pray it makes it all here intact.

Now it will be a busy two or three days trying to find and buy a car, and then we’ll move to Te Puru for a few weeks while Andrew begins his job and we begin our search for our new home.

(typed on my itouch)

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