Day 2 in New Zealand

Thursday, 28 April 2011 8:30 am

Remembering that New Zealand is a day ahead of the Americas, you will understand if the  date and time seems strange (if you’re reading this near the time I post it).

We looked only at two cars yesterday afternoon, both at the same car dealer.  The Honda Fit (aka Jazz) is a nice car, but we preferred the Mitsubishi Colt.  The Colt seems better made, and it has better fuel efficiency.  The reason it also costs less, the dealer explained, is because of the Honda name.  Honda is more desired by most people.  We admit that we very much liked our old Honda back in North America.  But the Fit/Jazz is a lighter car than was our Civic.

Anyway, I was nearly ready to make an offer for the Colt, but I held back, so that we can see other cars.  Of course, the dealer wants us to buy it right now and made comments about it not being there for long, that the Colt sells very quickly.

So, this morning, we’ll head out soon to view other cars, especially at the auction house, and then we’ll see where we end up this afternoon.

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