Our New Car is a Colt

We bought a Mitsubishi Colt, but we won’t receive it until Wednesday. 

This morning, we went to a different dealer and test drove a Mazda Demio.  The one he had stunk so bad of cigarettes that before we even got out of the dealership driveway, I was getting ill.  Needless to say, I was not impressed by that car.  Andrew also did not like it as much as the Colt we had seen yesterday.

From there, we went back toward the Colt dealership we visited yesterday and looked at other dealerships nearby.  Then we walked over to the Colt guy, Sid, and asked to see a Citreon.  They had sold their last used one, so we talked more about the Colt.  We really do like the Colt.  It is the right size, it is solidly constructed, it has amazing fuel efficiency, and it just plain is fun to drive.

As for fuel efficiency, there was a test drive across the North Island to test many different cars.  The Colt came in second overall, between two different hybrid cars.  That just goes to show that hybrids aren’t necessarily the most fuel efficient.  The Colt uses 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers, which works out to right at 42 miles per gallon.  That is amazing.

After talking with Sid and arranging for him to bring another Colt to that location from one of his other dealership locations, we drove across the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the North Shore to another dealership to view a different Colt they had.  When we arrived there, Ben told us that particular car was sold.  Upon further investigation, it turned out that actually, it was on loan to someone else.

But Ben said he had two more Colts coming into stock over the weekend.  Both are low mileage silver Colts, just like the one Sid has, and they were priced one thousand dollars less than the low mileage Colt Sid has at the first dealership.

So, we called Sid and told him the deal Ben could give us, a very similar car (New Zealand New, meaning that it wasn’t first driven in Japan as many imports are) with low mileage (less than 21,000 km), priced at $14,990, and with a free radio upgrade to take a plug-in from our iTouches for playing music and stories.  Sid spoke with his manager to see what he could do.  He told us that he could match the price but that the radio would cost more.  The reason we wanted to give him an opportunity to deal with us was that he was helpful to us yesterday and this morning, and also that his Colt is right there, so that we could drive away with it today.  If we buy Ben’s car, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday to get it.  But Ben would give us a free loaner car to use until then, AND Ben would drive our Colt to Thames for us, so that we wouldn’t have to drive back into Auckland.

Since Sid couldn’t match Ben’s price, we bought Ben’s Colt.

We returned our rental car and now are driving the free loaner car.  Ben will deliver our Colt Wednesday around noon.

Meanwhile, we had purchased cell phone SIM cards yesterday, but they were not activated.  She told us that they should be activated within an hour,or at the latest by 10 this morning.  We kept checking every hour or so, and they weren’t being activated.  So, we drove back over to the cell phone place, and Natalie explained that all the credit checks for all the new phones were being delayed for some reason.  It was very frustrating trying to find a new car and giving out our phone numbers but explaining that the phones weren’t yet activated.  Anyway, as we drove back to the rental car place, the phones were finally activated, about 28 hours after we bought them.

Tomorrow, we’ll pack up from our hotel and drive to Te Puru, where we’ll be staying while we look for a place of our own to buy.  Andrew begins work on Monday, and we’ll stop in at his office today on the way to Te Puru.  So, our shopping isn’t finished yet, but our car shopping is.  Now we’ll focus on a home.

(Posted and revised from my itouch.)

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3 Responses to Our New Car is a Colt

  1. Jerry Hinnant says:

    Hi Guys, Sounds as if you are having a great adventure! Congratulations on the car and best wishes for your finding the perfect house. Enjoyed reading your blog. Makes me long for a revisit to New Zealand! We are now fully unpacked and enjoying our condo in Palm Springs and getting re-acquainted with friends. Probably will go back to Guadalajara during August as that month is very hot here. Take care and keep the blogs coming!! Best regards.

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