We finally have internet

Until now, we’ve been having to drive somewhere to find an internet connection.  This is why, until this evening’s update of my last post, the posts have been short.  But now we have internet, and I can actually use my computer, instead of having to rely on my pda for posting my blog.

Here in New Zealand, internet is much more expensive than back in California or Mexico.  Most companies here will charge a per-megabyte fee, which adds up very quickly when you do as much internetting as Andrew and I do.  Back in California and Mexico, you can pay a flat rate each month for unlimited data.  But here at our temporary lodging, it costs less than most places in New Zealand.  The guy who runs the wifi connection here has been out of town until this afternoon, so we couldn’t get set up and online until now.

Yay, we’re online again!

As a side note, I have set the “clock” of this blog to New Zealand time, which is a day later and five hours earlier than in California.  So, when the timestamp on my blog says 9:00  on Saturday morning, back in California, it is 2:00 on Friday afternoon.  The timestamp on this specific blog will be around 8:30 Saturday evening, and in California it will be 1:30 Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend!


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