Our New Sailboat's Maiden Voyage

Since yesterday was so rainy, today was the first time we were able to take our new sailboat out. We backed up the trailer into the water and offloaded the boat into the choppy water. I worked from inside the boat, while Andrew backed us into the water.

Once in the water, Andrew drove the car and trailer back up onto level ground and then came to join me in the boat. I was rowing frantically to keep the boat from getting too close to the boat ramp, as Andrew waded out and jumped in.

Then it was a race with the oars to try to get out far enough to unfurl the sail and get going. However, with strong wind and the waves, we just could not seem to make much headway. This was Andrew’s first time rowing, and he did a great job, but by the time we were getting out far enough to begin using the sail, I was too seasick to continue. This was the worst I have felt in years.

So, we headed back to shore and back onto the trailer, and then headed home.

We are still looking forward to sailing, when the weather is better in our favor. We purchased a membership for free use of the boat ramp in Te Puru (where we were living in the Holiday Park before buying our home) for just $20 ($16 US). The lady in charge gave us a discount from the full $35 ($28 US) membership, since the new season will begin in October. Te Puru has the best boat ramp around, and we’ll enjoy using the easy access.

We decided that we’ll not try sailing again when the winds are too strong. This might be tough during the winter months, but we should have good sailing during the summer (half a year from now).

I’ll get photos of our new boat one of these days.


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