Reunion at Whakatane

Col, Glen, Andrew and Tazmin

28 and 29 May, though written 17 June.

Andrew lived and worked in Whakatane (pronounced fuh-kuh-TAHN-nee) before he moved overseas to Canada and Mexico. We visited Whakatane a few weeks ago, along with our new puppy Tazmin. From home, it is a three and a half hour drive, along some rather windy roads. It was a very pleasant drive.

We stayed with Colin and Glenys for the night we were there. We tried to get Tazmin to sleep in the garage, but she refused to quit whining and barking. So, we finally put her inside a box (with air holes, of course) in our room. She still whined a bit, but at least we were there to shush her when she did.

When we arrived Saturday afternoon, we had lunch and sat around and talked awhile. Then Col and Glen took us to the beach, and we walked along the sand for about an hour at sunset. Tazmin was thrilled at the new smells and experiences, and we all just walked and talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sunday morning we attended Andrew’s old church, and I very much enjoyed it. The songs were similar to the ones my old church back in California used to sing, though the songs themselves were different, and the sermon was practical and biblical. We are hoping we can find a similar church here at home, in Thames.

After lunch and a pleasant chat back at Glen and Col’s house, we headed back home. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend, the first we had since we’d moved here to New Zealand (though we’ve had a couple more relaxing weekends since then). We look forward to when Glen and Col can come to visit us here in our Whakatete Bay villa.


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