Tazmin's Freedom

The slight drizzle only added to the joy of the day

Tazmin had her last vaccinations last week, and it is now safe to take her anywhere. Prior to her being at least twelve weeks old and receiving her last immunization, there was the possibility that she could have contracted a deadly virus and died. So, other than the one walk along the beach near Whakatane, we never took her anywhere outside of our large yard.

Water's okay if Andrew walks in it

But now she is safe, and to celebrate, the three of us walked down our driveway, across the highway, and along our beaches. It was low tide, so we were able to walk easily past the sea wall to the second beach. Andrew and I wore our gumboots (rubber boots), so that we could walk in the shallows. Tazmin saw and followed suit. When we tried to coax or call her into the water, she wouldn’t come, but if we simply walked along in the water, she walked along beside us in the water.

Birds look like fun




She enjoys the new smells and sounds, and she even tried eating a bit of sand. Bleck. She wants to chase the birds, as did Mela, but we’re trying to teach Tazmin not to do so. Mela was small and slow enough that she was never able to catch any birds, but Tazmin is going to be much larger and faster, and there are some rare and endangered birds in our yards. So, we don’t want her chasing birds.

While on the beach, we let her run free, but we used the leash on our drive and crossing the highway to the beach. At first, Tazmin resisted the leash, but toward the end, she was already learning to stay where the leash was loose. It was a great time all around.


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