Eucalyptus and Lavender

It is wintertime here in New Zealand, being in the southern hemisphere, and yet there are many beautiful flowers in full bloom. It surprised me when we lived in Mexico that there were flowers year round. In California, flowers were rarer, usually visible only during a couple months in spring. Here, though, we have many fragrant flowers, and we delight in their beauty and scents.

As I walk Tazmin down our driveway to the beach nearly every day, I am blessed with wonderful combinations of bouquets. My favorite is the eucalyptus and lavender that catches my attention as I round the corner below our house. It is a combination I never would have considered creating myself, but God blends them together magnificently.

It is a joy to live in this place with so many wonderful things to enjoy each and every day. Andrew and I thank God daily that He brought us here and blesses us with a wonderful life here.


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