Proofreading Vicki Wootton's Book "Where Have All The Young Girls Gone"

I do some proofreading on the side. Well, I do as much proofreading (or editing) work as I can find. Vicki Wootton is a friend in Guadalajara, Mexico who writes fiction stories. She is a very good writer, and even when I am not working for her, editing or proofreading her works, I enjoy reading her stories.

The latest book that I edited is called Where Have All The Young Girls Gone. It is a story set in the near future, as are many of her books, in which females are becoming more rare. Fewer girls are born. This makes being a female a very tough role, as women are often accosted in public. This story follows a mother and daughter through several years of their lives.

In editing Vicki’s books, I am always pleased with how few things I can find to comment on. Most of the time it is simply an extra word, evidence that she has edited her own work herself and changed the wording of a line. Andrew always proofreads these blogs of mine, and he will often find the same kind of thing in my writings, much more frequently than I can find in Vicki’s.

If you would like a very enjoyable and exciting read, check out Vicki Wootton’s books on Amazon or on vweBooks. Amazon has both Kindle and paperback versions. Check out Vicki Wootton’s Facebook profile.

If you would like a first class proofreader or editor, drop me a line, or comment on this post. Thanks.


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