Visits from the in-laws

Out For Dinner (click to enlarge)

Andrew’s mum and dad visited us these past two weekends. It is school holidays, and both being teachers, they had the week off from work. So, they visited relatives this week, spending both weekends with us. It was a wonderful time to catch up and get to know them better.

Coastal Walkway (click to enlarge)

Our first weekend together was a time of shopping and sitting around the living room with the wood stove going. We had lots of stories and laughs to share. Between shop stops, we walked along the shoreline in Thames. The weather was wonderful.

Back home, we walked along our beach a couple times with Tazmin. Tazmin really loves the folks, and they really love her.

Carnagie Free Library and The Treasury

This past weekend, they joined us on Thursday evening, bringing roast chicken and coleslaw along with them. We had many happy and yummy meals together during the two weekends.

Art Show in Thames

Friday the parents and I sat and talked while Andrew was at work. He took off the afternoon, having worked extra hours during the week to do so. First we walked across the street and attended an art show. I don’t usually like that sort of thing, but the paintings in this show were all of local views, and I quite enjoyed them. We then went to a couple of historic buildings, including the Carnegie Free Library (the best preserved Carnegie building in New Zealand, now the Treasury), the School of Mines, and the St. James Union Church. We also had lunch at the mall before heading back home.

An Evening Stroll Along Our Whakatete Bay Beach

Saturday began with our usual garage sale-ing and then some shopping, including the Thames Farmer’s Market. We don’t find much lately at the garage sales since we have most everything we need for our new home. But we found a very nice set of full length curtains that can replace the old worn out ones in the sleepout. We found another pair at the Op Shop (Thrift Store), though this set was considerably more expensive than the $3.00 set from the garage sale.

Colin and Liz clean up some of our garden plots

Back home, we worked a bit in the yard, including dropping a snag (dead standing tree) that we’d been wanting to get rid of before it fell somewhere we didn’t want. It will make some very nice firewood to heat our home.

For the evening, we again sat in the living room and kitchen and talked about all kinds of things. It is a joy to share with Colin and Liz about our life, and to hear their experiences, as well.

They departed this morning and arrived home safely before the big winter storm hits the southern part of this North Island this evening. It was a wonderful two weekends, and we look forward to many more visits with them, both here and in their home.


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