Sailing on the Firth of Thames

Preparing to Sail from Te Puru Boat Ramp

Finally, we had a free day and good weather, and so we went sailing. This is the third time we’ve had our boat in the water but the first time we’ve actually sailed. The first time, the water was so rough and the wind so contrary that we couldn’t even row out away from the shore. The second time, we didn’t bother to take the mast and sail, because we simply wanted some practice in launching and re-trailering the boat.

Andrew took the bow





So, today was our first sail. It was wonderful, simply wonderful. The water was very still, and the wind very light. Well, the wind was light until it quit altogether. We sailed a little over an hour and moved only a kilometer or two, and then as we headed back to shore, the wind died completely. Andrew rowed us back to shore.

Dave in the stern

It was such a lovely warmish day (for the middle of winter), and the boat rocked so very gently that even I did not get ill. Andrew sprawled out in the bow as I lay down in the stern and held the tiller above my head. It was very relaxing.

We are becoming accomplished at getting the boat into and out of the water, and so that part, which used to be quite stressful, is now simply part of the joy of sailing.


We look forward to many more sails, preferably with a bit more wind next time.

Rowing Home After the Wind Died


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