Tazmin and the Sea

Tazmin swimming out to the kayak in the Firth of Thames

Tazmin swimming out to the kayak

This afternoon Andrew finally got a chance to take out our new kayak.  I’d been out on it for very short paddles twice, but Andrew is the more experienced kayaker.  So, we took our kayak down to the beach for a paddle.

I went with him to show him how I carry the kayak and all.  And of course, we took Tazmin with us.  She loves the beach, and she certainly loves being with us.

Tazmin on the kayak at Whakatete Bay

Tazmin on the kayak

It was hilarious.  We knew Tazmin likes the water, or at least isn’t afraid of the water.  But I had no idea how she would react when Andrew began paddling away from us.  She whined and then started walking out toward him.  When the water got too deep to walk, she began swimming.  When she reached the kayak, she climbed aboard, with a little help from Andrew.

But then she wouldn’t settle down.  She kept whining that I wasn’t with them.  After awhile she jumped off the kayak and swam back to be with me.  No sooner had she arrived with me, though, than she would turn around again and swim back out to Andrew.  She did this three or four times before I finally put her leash on her and kept her on the beach with me.

Tazmin swimming in the Firth of Thames at Whakatete Bay near Thames

Tazmin returns from the kayak

It was a great fun to see her swimming so far back and forth.  She is a water dog for sure.

Oh, and Andrew paddled for about an hour before arriving back at the beach.  He very much loved it.  He raved about how nice the kayak is and how I got a great deal when I bought it a few weeks ago on TradeMe.

I’m sure he’ll go out in the kayak again.


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