Lunch at Pastor's House

Yesterday as we were exiting the sanctuary of our church, Thames Baptist Church, our Pastor, Roger Driver-Burgess asked us if we were “up for pizza”.  He clarified that his family always makes pizza for Sunday lunch.

With directions to his house, we began driving, only to discover that what Andrew heard and what I heard weren’t quite the same directions.  Knowing that Andrew hears (and understands) better than I do, we went with his directions, but that still didn’t tell us which house was Pastor’s.  We drove around a bit, and then Pastor Roger stepped outside his house and waved us down.

It was his son Pascal’s turn to make the pizza.  Evidently, they all take turns, and pizza is different each week, depending on what they can find in the refrigerator or pantry.  This time there were two pizzas with mushrooms and meat and one with pineapple and meat.  It was very tasty, despite there being somewhat less cheese than I thought was necessary for a tasty pizza.  Roger’s wife Carolyn also made chocolate chip cookies (my favorite!), which were yummy.

We sat around the table and talked for a couple hours, about all kinds of things, from Andrew’s and my journeys, to Roger’s family’s adventures during their year in China, to Roger’s thesis, to computer games, and many other topics.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.

Thank you very much, Roger and family!


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