Another Severe Cold Snap in New Zealand, Setting Records Again 17 August 2011

As I wrote previously, New Zealand receives much of its winter weather from the South Pole (Antarctica). It gets very cold there, and sometimes the wind currents are just right to route all that cold north to us here in New Zealand.

Well, weather has done it again. A new record cold snap and snowfall hit New Zealand.

It has been down to freezing here at our home, even though we are very near sea level and are in a moderate weather area. South of us, in Thames, it got below zero (32º F) a few nights, but temperatures should warm up over the next few days.

This morning, across the Firth of Thames, at the Hunua Ranges (mountains), we could see snow. This has never happened in the four months we’ve lived here, and indeed the temperatures and snowfall have set new records all over New Zealand. Even Auckland received some snow, though it didn’t stay long.

Check the status of New Zealand ski resorts yourself, and if you are looking soon after I post this, you’ll see that there has been so much snow that nearly all of the ski resorts have had to shut down for awhile.

New Zealand record cold 17 August 2011

Ice on our car

We have been running our wood stove night and day, though the fire burns very low by morning. It was 11.6º C (53º F) inside our room this morning, and in the rest of the house, it was even colder. Outside, there was ice on our car and frost on some of the grass, and it had hailed and sleeted yesterday afternoon.

While driving Andrew to work yesterday, the sea was surging up onto the highway. It was amazing. We’ve seen the water blast up onto the highway a couple previous times, but never this high or frequently. Our villa is situated well above this coastline highway, though, so we only get to see it when we walk down our driveway or drive into town.

New Zealand sea surge, record weather

Sea Surging Onto Highway 25 Near Our Home

New Zealand record weather

Sea Surging, a different angle

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