Rotorua's World Famous Pohutu Geyser

Tour Guide at Te Puia Geysers

Our Tour Guide

After Te Puia’s Maori Cultural Performance, we took a guided tour of the geysers.  Both of us had seen geysers several times before, but it was fun and interesting to see these ones and to hear background information from our guide.

World Famous Pohutu Geyser from Geyserland Hotel

Pohutu Geyser from our room (click to enlarge)

The world famous Pohutu Geyser is inside Te Puia’s space, and it is the largest of the geysers there.  There are also many, many steam vents and smaller geysers, as well as several mud pools.  It is all interesting, and we had a great time exploring after the guide left when it started pouring rain.

Geyserland Hotel from Te Puia's Pohutu Geyser

Geyserland Hotel from the Geysers (click to enlarge)

After our time at Te Puia, we drove around the bend to our hotel, the Geyserland Hotel.  We had a great view of the geysers from our third floor room.  The room had a small balcony, but we never used it, since it rained during our entire stay.  We did open the sliding door to the balcony, however, so that we could take clear photos and listen to the sounds of the geysers erupting.

Prince of Wales Geyser at Rotorua's Te Puia

More Geysers and Steam Vents (click to enlarge)

Our trip to Rotorua was very nice.  We had also planned to ride up the cable car and then ride the luge a few times, but we didn’t want to do that while it was raining.  We’ll visit Rotorua again when the weather is fine, and then we’ll enjoy all of that.


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