A Merry Christmas at the Wharton Home

Christmas Breakfast at Andrew J. Wharton's Family's Home

Christmas Breakfast with Andrew's family

After leaving our home and Tazmin in the care of our housesitters, John and Mia, we headed south to spend the holiday with family.  After stopping off at the Waitomo Caves (a subject for a later blog), we arrived at Andrew’s parents’ home in Wellington.  We’ll spend the day here and then visit with aunt and uncle in Palmerston North.

Colin and Liz Wharton open a present

Mum and Dad (Liz and Colin) open a gift



We woke to a beautiful breakfast with just the family, after which we opened presents.  Then we went to Josh’s school (Tawa College) for a community Christmas service, which was quite fun.  Now it is nearly time for Christmas dinner with many friends and family.  So, I’d better run.  Here are a few photos.

Andrew J. Wharton opens a gift


Josh Wharton and Miriam Wharton

Joh and Miriam


Dave Clingman receives paintings
Beautiful Paintings from Colin and Liz

   Have a very merry Christmas!

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