New Glasses at John O'Connor Optometrists in Auckland, New Zealand

We got yet another Grab One deal, this time for new eyeglasses and an eye exam at John O’Connor Optometrists.  I almost skipped the exam, but Andrew said that we paid for it and should take it.  It is a good thing that I did, too, because evidently, my eyes have indeed changed just in the eight months since I got my first pair of glasses.

The deal was just $69 (about $54 US) for the eye exam and glasses (frames and lenses).  Last time, the exam alone cost $55.  After the exam, they showed us a very long wall with frames and said we could have any of them for free up to the price of $181 ($141 US), and if I wanted something more expensive, they would deduct that amount from the price. 

We spent over half an hour checking out the many frames.  It would be much simpler if they would just organize their frames by price, with lower priced frames at one end and the more expensive at the other end, or something like that.  Instead, it appeared that they simply dump the frames willy nilly on the shelves.  They weren’t even organized by brand name or anything.

I narrowed the choice down to two frames, one that was half the value that we could go up to, and the other more expensive than the $181.  Andrew pointed out that even if my prescription changes, I can still use the same frames.  So, I chose the titanium frames, which cost an additional $78 ($61 US) above the $181 limit.  I also asked to have a coating placed on the glasses that will hopefully make night time driving easier by dimming the headlights on approaching cars.  That cost an additional $70 ($55 US).  Oh, and this place charges $5 to ship them to us.  The other place, where I got my first glasses, couriered my glasses to me for free.

So, altogether, I got the eye exam, frames and lenses for $222 ($173 US) delivered.  Not a great deal, but then I did select nice frames and the additional lense coating.  Nevertheless, Andrew and I agreed that next time, we’ll probably go back to the place where I got my first glasses.  They seem to be nicer, friendlier people, and their regular prices are just about the same as this “special” Grab One deal.

Oh, we’ll buy more Grab Ones, and in fact, we used a second voucher for lunch after getting my glasses.  Using Grab One vouchers is a great way to check out new places and new things for a lot less (usually half off or better) than regular prices.


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