Nineteen Eighty One (1981) Restaurant in Auckland

After buying my eyeglasses, we drove to Nineteen Eighty One (1981) Restaurant.  Yes, we had another Grab One voucher for them.  We also had other shopping to do in this area, so its location was very convenient for us.  They are located just off the motorway (freeway), so that even if we’d not been shopping in that area, it wouldn’t have been much out of our way.

The entire ambience is from the 1980s.  They have all kinds of gadgets and games from that era, and the tables and chairs are also from then.  It is a fun environment.  The music being played over the intercom while we were there was not all from the 80s, though.

I had the buffalo burger, the first time I’ve ever had buffalo.  The burger was huge.  I simply could not eat it with my hands, and I even had to separate the top half from the bottom half in order to cut it.  Silly me, I forgot to take photos of our meals, so I can’t show you.  But trust me:  It was yummy.  There was a bowl of hand cut chips (fries) included with my meal.

Andrew had eggs Benedict, and his meal was even larger than mine.  It was set in a bowl and looked lovely, and Andrew says it was delicious, too.

The meals are fairly expensive there at Nineteen Eighty One, just like pretty much everywhere we’ve tried, but the $40 (about $31 US) voucher, for which we paid $20, covered both of our meals plus an orange juice.

Our waitress was Sharise, and she was friendly and helpful without being bothersome.  She smiled nicely and was very helpful, even pointing out different things to see in some of the alcoves that we might have missed during our walk around the place.  And remember that tipping is simply not practiced here in New Zealand, as it is in so many countries, and so we know she wasn’t being nice just to get a larger tip.

We highly recommend Nineteen Eighty One Restaurant.  The ambience is fun, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious.  And if you happen upon another Grab One deal for them, so much the better.


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