Potluck Dinner at New Friends’ House in Thames

A few days ago, I found a website which mentioned a Bed and Breakfast owned and operated by a gay couple in Thames.  I wrote to them to ask if they knew of any groups we might be able to join.  I was thinking of our wonderful church’s gay group back in Guadalajara.  They wrote back the next day to tell us that a few couples meet at their house occasionally for a potluck dinner, and they invited us.  The next time they were to meet was the following day, which is now yesterday.  So, we called them and told them we’d come.

We picked some fresh veges from our garden and made a nice salad, adding some bacon and cheese, and drove to the Richmond Lodge.  Garry and Murray, who have been together 14 years and owned this B&B for five years, welcomed us into their home and their kitchen, where we met Peter and Pete, who have been together for 19 years.  We sat and talked and sipped drinks.  After awhile, Rex and Denny, who met just last winter, arrived.

While the others sat out on one of the decks facing Thames and the Firth, Murray gave us a tour of their home.  It is a lovely old villa (similar to ours in some respects) built in the 1930s, but which has been remodelled five times, most recently by Garry and Murray.  They have two guest rooms, the Gold Room and the Silver Room, which really are decorated in gold and silver hues and motifs, respectively.  Very nicely done.  Their entire home and yards are beautiful, as one would expect of an upper class Bed and Breakfast anywhere in the world.

Potluck Dinner at Thames Gay Group

Yummy food

When dinner was called, we all moved to the table in the dining room, which fit all eight of us very comfortably.  There was chicken curry, prepared by Denny, who is from Bali and hopes to open an Indonesian Restaurant here in Thames, two beautiful and yummy salads, a delicious roasted chicken and vege dish, prepared by Garry, and baked potatoes.  For dessert, Peter had prepared creme broulee in two flavours: white chocolate and blueberry, and chocolate hazelnut.  Andrew took the chocolate, and I took the white chocolate, but I couldn’t decide which I liked better.

After dinner, we sat around and talked some more, until late into the night.  It was a very enjoyable time, and the conversations were great.  It was fun to get to know other gays in the village, to know we aren’t the only ones here.  We look forward to getting together with them again, and we’ve invited them all up to see our place sometime.  In fact, we’ll likely host one of the potluck dinners someday.

On a side note, Garry and Murray, in their original email to us, wrote that they’d heard about us when we bought our villa.  One of their friends used to work at Richardson’s, the realty company through which we bought our home.  Murray called our purchase, “the sale of the century”; we got such a great deal on it, as I’ve previously written.

One Gay Group in Thames, New Zealand

All Great Guys


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