Thames Baptist Church Weekly Barbeques

Thames Baptist Church's weekly summer BBQEach Sunday afternoon, our church, Thames Baptist Church, has a BBQ at someone’s house, a different person’s house each week.  This is a time to get a chance to share a meal with others and to talk and get to know each other better.  We very much enjoy attending these, though we only are able to make it about half the time, what with all the other things we have going.

Weekly Summer Barbeque of Thames Baptist ChurchThe weekly church BBQ is also a time to see how others live, to see their houses and yards and gardens and all.  We especially like seeing the gardens and fruit trees in other people’s yards.

New Zealand Thames Baptist Church weekly picnicOne family has several acres of hill, and they have many animals, some of which run free during the day.  They have chickens, a peacock and other fowl; goats and a pig; and rabbits, among other animals.  There is even a semi-tame magpie which wandered around under the tables and sometimes nipped people’s ankles.

Thames, New Zealand Baptist Church summer bbqAnother home is at the end of a cul-de-sac in a fairly new subdivision.  Others live up on the hills overlooking Thames.  We are considering possibly hosting one of the church’s weekly BBQs ourselves, but more likely, it will be next year, after we are more established.

At today’s BBQ, Gordon gave Andrew and me a personal tour of his vege gardens and offered us various seeds and root cuttings.  His wife Sanchia gave us a jar of her homemade pickle relish.

The Thames Baptist Church weekly Bar-B-Que is a wonderful time for all, and we attend whenever we can.


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  1. Glen Hughes says:

    What a great idea for these long summer evenings.