Thames Baptist Church at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp


Our church, Thames Baptist, spent the weekend at the Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp (pronounced kah-wah-eh-RAHNG-ah) this past weekend.  Andrew and I joined about three dozen people for Saturday.  Some people stayed both Friday and Saturday nights, but we and a dozen or so people went up just for the day Saturday.

The morning was filled with two teaching and discussion sessions during which we brainstormed various methods of combating a fatal disease and then compared that to the “disease” of sin in people’s lives.  During the second session, we focused more on sharing Jesus with others, and there was some lively discussion during this time, as well.  Pastor shared about the ten gates by which people come to learn about Jesus, ways in which Jesus touches our lives.  Then Melissa shared how she shares Jesus with people.  I found only a couple of points in common with what I learned a couple decades ago back in California.  Most of this stuff was brand new to me, and it was good stuff.

Spider Web at Kauranga Valley Christian Camp, Thames, New Zealand

Racing Through the Spider Web

After lunch was free time.  Andrew and I walked around the camp to see what was available and to get a little exercise.  Two girls joined us for part of our wanderings, and they raced through the spider web.  We all four then rode the jigger cars, small carts on a train track that you move by pulling and pushing on a lever.  Because the track was rough in spots, there were some places where it was nearly impossible to move by the regular means, and someone had to get out and push.

Jigger Railroad Carts at Kauranga Valley Christian Camp

Jigger Carts

We all then wandered down to the playground where there are swings, overhead bars and rings, a trampoline, and a see-saw.  Even Andrew and I tried all of these and had a blast remembering what it was like back when we were kids playing on these same things.

After dinner that evening, there was a “concert” where each person got a chance to get up front of everyone to sing or perform or recite or lead a group activity.  It was fun all around.

Kauranga Valley Christian Camp's PlaygroundWhen we weren’t in sessions was a great time to sit and chat with others, and we got to know better a few people we’ve not previously had time to know well.

We very much enjoyed both the learning and the fun times, and I’m sure we’ll go again for the next church camp.


Monarch Butterfly at Kauranga Valley Christian Camp

Monarch Butterfly we saw on our walk around camp


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  1. Mary says:

    Looks like a fun way to learn and study.