Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday Gifts for Dave Clingman

Birthday Muffins and Bath Oils

My birthday passed quite enjoyably a couple weeks ago.  I relaxed much of the day and then played (worked?) in the gardens awhile, two of my favorite things.  When Andrew got home, he had brought us each a chocolate muffin with a chocolate flake (fluffed chocolate).  He heated them up, hoping the chocolate flake would melt, and we ate them together at our small dining table, watching the breezes blow the trees up on the ridge south of our house.

He gave me some very nice bath oils, which he had purchased several weeks earlier when he was in Auckland for a conference.  I very much enjoy soaking once a week or so, and this bottle of oils is very nice indeed.  Thank you, my love.

Greenstone Jade Toki Necklace for Dave Clingman

Greenstone Toki Pounamu

Andrew’s sister Miriam had sent me a birthday card and some money.  I used some of that money to buy a greenstone toki pounamu (jade/nephrite adze-shaped pendant) necklace.  The jade is authentic New Zealand stone, whereas much of the stuff sold here is actually from Asia or Canada or somewhere else.  The necklace was carved and bound by an artist in South Island and is blessed, a Maori tradition.  The adze shape signifies strength, determination, courage, leadership and focus.

I had been wanting such a necklace for several months, but I didn’t want to spend much money on one.  Now, I consider my new greenstone necklace as a gift from Miriam, since I used her money to buy it.  Thank you, Miriam!

It was a great day and a wonderful birthday.


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