Like a Good Neighbor

Whakatete Bay Farmer DavidOur farmer neighbor, David, seems like a very nice man.  He shares with us and is considerate to us.  His farm encircles our place on three sides, and it is nice to look out and see green grasses and cows and sheep (not to mention the birds).

Every so often, we find a bag of veges on our gate post, and it is almost always from David.  (Kevin and Kay dropped off some veges one time.)  Sometimes David will come to the door, enduring Tazmin’s vicious growls and barks, to hand me a bag of veges or a container of honey.  We, in turn, occasionally leave a bag on his gate post containing some of our plums or peaches or something else that he doesn’t have.

He has given us peas, lettuce, tomatoes (though now he knows we have our own plants finally coming to ripeness), leeks and onions, potatoes, passion fruit, honey, and much more.  His gardens are huge, about five or six times the size of our little garden boxes, and his honey is delicious.  (Andrew’s dad’s honey is mostly from manuka trees, and neither Andrew nor I much care for that taste, though we don’t turn down free honey.)  I wrote last autumn that David gave us some fish.  Since that time, he has given us a few more fish, as well.

David is an energetic, yet quiet, man who really doesn’t speak much, but he will answer clearly.  I have asked a couple times if he knew someone who SELLS straw or hay (for our garden), and each time, he gave us some of the leavings (loose bits) of his own hay.  When he was clearing his barn for a new lot of hay, he even gave us three full bales of hay, though the bales were broken open.  We used all that hay as mulch for the gardens, such good stuff for mulch.

David has four boys, ages 6 to 16, who stay with him about every other weekend.  They seem to be well-behaved kids, though a couple of them like to taunt Tazmin as they enter and exit their gate (across from our garage).  It is great fun to see David and his boys playing or tramping around his farm, or riding the ATV.  They seem to enjoy their time with their dad.  The family often heads down the driveway with their rowboat and fishing poles, and they all go to church on Sunday.

It is very nice having David as a neighbor.


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