Andrew Makes His Drama Debut at the Thames Citizen Band Performance

Thames Citizen Band at Thames Heritage Week Performance

Thames Citizen Band

One of the many activities during the Thames Heritage Week is a performance by the Thames Citizen Band, a performance which included an historical play that showed how the Thames Citizen Band came to be.  Andrew had a role in this performance, and I must say that I very much enjoyed his (and the others’) acting.

The evening began with songs performed by the Thames Citizen Band.  Then, the three parts of the historical play were interspersed with more songs by the band.

Andrew J. Wharton Acting at Thames Citizen Band Performance

Andrew as Mayor's lackey

The Thames Citizen Band began in 1869 as a military band and later became a local band with volunteer musicians.  Their repertoire is impressive, with historical ballads, famous marches, and even jazz.  We sang one of New Zealand’s National Anthems (twice), as well as one of the famous ballads about Southland, a song I’d never heard before.  The presentation was wonderful.

Andrew J. Wharton's Drama Debut at the Thames Citizen Band Peformance

Andrew as a dishonourable soldier

In the first part of the drama performance, Andrew played one of two soldiers who were dishonourably discharged after pursuing the commander’s daughters one summer.  He later played the Mayor’s lackey.  Both characters were entirely believable and fun to watch.  I hope Andrew will continue with this new hobby of his.  He seems to enjoy it very much.

The Thames Citizen Band and drama performance was a wonderful way to spend the evening, and it was made even more enjoyable for me personally by having Andrew up there on stage.

The Thames Citizen Band will play again this Sunday, 18 March, at 1:00 in Vicotoria Park, but the drama performance will, sadly, be missing.


Andrew J. Wharton's Drama Debut during Thames Heritage Week

Andrew trying to control a drunk

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