I got a new job

I previously wrote that I edit articles for International Man (IM).  Well, now I do more than that for them.

International Man is a mostly-free website with resources and information about moving to a different country, diversifying one’s assets, and such things.  They have a monthly newsletter called World Money Analyst (WMA) with articles about investing in various assets of different countries around the world.  So far, this newsletter is their only money-making venture, as far as I know.  But that is going to change.

When WMA first came out last month, IM asked me to proof read a few of the articles in it.  This month, as fast as I finished one article, they would send another.  When the latest edition came out last week, I saw that I had proofed every single article in it!  I take that as quite an honour, telling me that they appreicate my ability.  And they have praised my work in emails on multiple occasions.

A few months ago, International Man opened up a Forum, so that members can post comments on things that they have learned, or ask questions they have, regarding any aspect of internationalising.  IM asked me to be one of the Facilitators (Moderators) for the Forum, and I gladly accepted, though the honourarium was small for all the work involved.

I guess I am doing a good job at that, as well, because a couple weeks ago, International Man’s Managing Director asked me to take on a greater role than simply moderating the Forum.  We discussed the possibility and various duties involved, as well as salary, and then we came to an agreement.  I begin today being the guy who oversees the entire International Man Forum and upcoming Wiki.  (I don’t think we’ve actually come up with a title for the position.)  The position is only part-time, between ten and fifteen hours per week, which is plenty for me for now.

So, besides editing and proof reading articles for their various newsletters and Facilitating the Forum, I will begin overseeing all the Facilitators, and I will also be developing a Wiki, which will eventually become another paid service of IM.  The Wiki will contain all kinds of information from all parts of the International Man website, as well as articles written by Forum members, including how to move to and become a resident of a different country, where and how to invest in different countries’ assets, and much more.  This is an exciting project.

I will continue designing websites  and working on website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for clients in three countries (and anywhere else a new client might live), editing books for one author (and any other authors who might need assistance in the future), and still keeping up our vege gardens and orchard.  (Good thing this new job starts at this slower time of year when the orchard is finished being harvested and isn’t yet ready for pruning, and the vege gardens don’t require much work.)

Life sure is great here in Whakatete Bay, New Zealand.  God continues blessing us amazingly.


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2 Responses to I got a new job

  1. Pat Dygula says:

    Congratulations. What great news for a very deserving man. I’m very happy for you.


  2. Jacob says:

    That’s greaaaat!!! Congratulations!!! =)