Open-Top Double Decker Bus Tour of Downtown Christchurch, New Zealand

After some breakfast following the Anzac Day ceremony, we got onto the top of an open-top double decker bus for a tour of downtown Christchurch.

Open Top Double Decker Bus Tour of Christchurch by Hassle Free Tours

Open Top Double Decker Bus

The Hassle-Free Tours normally costs $30 (about $25 US), but we got a Grab One coupon for half price.  The bus meandered in a circuitous route around the central business district, pointing out how vast and devastating the damage has been from the Christchurch earthquakes last year.  There was much interesting history during the tour, as well, which made the city more real to us.

It is very sad how much has been lost in Christchurch due to the earthquakes.  Many buildings will be deconstructed and then reconstructed just like they were, at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.  But many historic buildings, including the Anglican Cathedral, of which Andrew and I climbed the tower when we visited in 2009, will not be restored.  I think that saddens me the most, because it is one of my fondest memories of that visit.

Following are photos of some of the damage.  Click on any photo to see a larger version of it.

Earthquake Damage in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand - damage from earthquakes


Buildings in downtown Christchurch damaged by earthquakes


Earthquake damaged buildings in Christchurch


Catholic Cathedral in Christchurch damaged by Christchurch earthquakes

Catholic Cathedral - This building will be deconstructed and reconstructed brick by brick

Cashel Mall in Christchurch - open using shipping containers

The Cashel "Container" Mall - shops open after the damaged mall was cleared, and shipping containers were placed there

Cashel Container Mall in Christchurch, New Zealand

Container Mall with other damaged buildings in background

Christchurch Remembrance Bridge as viewed from Cashel Container Mall

Remembrance Bridge (and Arch), where Anzac Day Ceremony is usually held


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