Hanmer Springs, Southern Alps, New Zealand

The drive from Arthur’s Pass to Hanmer Springs was pretty much uneventful.  During long drives like that, we usually listen to one of our Audible stories.  This helps the time to pass, as well as being interesting.  We often stop the story and discuss what has been said, as well as stopping the story to share about our surroundings, some of which is pretty amazing.

We checked into the Le Gite Backpackers for two nights, and then, after a rest, headed downtown.  We rented one of the bicycle carts from Alpine Village Cruisers, cycles on which two people can pedal side by side, and we rode around the town for awhile.  Then we played a round of miniature golf.

In our golf game, I started off a little bit ahead, but then one hole threw me for a loop, and Andrew took the lead.  A later hole threw him for a loop, and then I was ahead by three strokes.  I held that lead pretty much for the rest of the course, until the last hole, where my ball kept rolling down the hill.  We ended the game tied.  It was fun.

We walked a couple blocks and bought some groceries and an ice cream each, which we then ate while sitting in the park and enjoying the very pleasant, but quite cold, surroundings.

Hanmer Springs is a very pretty area, and we are going to enjoy it for the next day and a half.


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