Horseback Riding at Hanmer Springs, New Zealand


Andrew J. Wharton at Hanmer Springs, New Zealand horseback riding
Andrew and Katie

Andrew had been wanting for several weeks prior to our trip here to South Island to be able to go horse riding, but I was fearful the hour or more of straddling a horse and trying to keep my weight up (as you’re supposed to do) with my bum leg might make my foot hurt too badly to enjoy later walks and activities that we were planning.  When we got to Hanmer Springs, we found that there is an outfit here, so that Andrew could go and have his fun ride while I could stay at our room.

He purchased the hour and a half horseback ride with the Hanmer Springs Hanmer Horses, and he headed off in the mid afternoon.  He had a wonderful time.  He had purchased a couple carrots to treat his horse upon his arrival, and his horse, Katie, was thrilled at the snack and her new-found friend.

Horseback riding at Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

The Ranch

The ride was a bit boring at first, wandering out through the farmland in the valley.  But soon, the trail climbed a hill, and Andrew got his first view of the surrounding countryside.  Higher and higher the group of six (including trail guide) climbed, offering a few opportunities to canter and trot.

Andrew thoroughly enjoyed his ride, the sights and views, and the people with whom he was grouped.  It was an excellent time all round.

Andrew J. Wharton riding through farmland near Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

farmland ride

a creek crossing near Hanmner Springs, New Zealand

One of many creek crossings

Andrew J. Wharton Riding Horse overlooking Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

Hanmer Springs Valley

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