The Birds are Returning Home

With Autumn comes a reduction in the amount of green plants, at least in most parts of the world.  Here, however, things never seem to get more than just slightly less green, or a lighter shade of green.  But it is true that some trees lose their leaves.  We are certainly seeing that here at our home, as well as along the highway.

Since some trees are no longer supplying food to birds, the birds are coming back home to us.  (At least I think it is because of the lack of food elsewhere.)  I consider this their home, because we moved here just over a year ago, and all these birds were here at that time.

We have our pair of rosellas (a gorgeously coloured parakeet) back, as well as a tui (also known as parson bird because a white tuft on its neck looks like a clerical collar) and a king fisher (also known by its Maori name Kotare) or two (one of which just flew into my office window as I was typing this, and then got back up and flew away).  It is wonderful hearing the birds chatting to each other as I work.  The pukekos started their nighttime screeching a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday I heard them during the daytime.  Soon, we’ll see them wandering in the farmer’s field across our driveway.

The California Quail (yes, this species of bird was imported from the USA) have wandered back to us, too.  I remember how very surprised I was when I saw the first California Quail here, while looking at a small condo we were considering buying (before we found this place).  It was very pleasant to see them wandering across that condo’s manicured lawns, but it is even more pleasant to see them pecking at food below our bird feeder each morning.

On the down side, the many swallows that we had flying around and nesting in our yard, and resting on the wires above the driveway (as many as 34 at one time!), seem to have departed for warmer climes.

It still amazes me that, despite the many birds we have during the spring and summer seasons here in New Zealand, there seem to be even more birds in our yard at this time of year.


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