Quiz Night at The Brew in Thames, New Zealand

Last night I joined Andrew for the weekly Quiz Night at a local pub called The Brew Cafe & Restaurant Bar.  Andrew and four of his work mates gather every Thursday night, along with another seven or eight other teams, and try to answer all kinds of questions about all kinds of topics.  I intended to simply watch, but it was WAY too much fun to not join in.

The emcee has a set presentation broken into ten groups of ten questions each, and one ongoing progressive question.  The winners receive a bar tab of (I think) $50.  Beers cost usually about $6 each, and fancier drinks cost more.  For example, last night Andrew had a cider which cost $12.

Anyway, the ten questions for each topic is shown on the screen at the front of the barroom, and the groups sit one group per table, so that they can discuss their answers or write them on paper and pass the note.  The group then decides on the best answer and write it down on the official answer sheets.  At the end of each round, there is a full screen of hints which all point to one answer.  After the first round, if the group gets the right answer, they receive ten points.  If they get it wrong on the first round but get the correct answer on the second round, they get nine points.  Eight points if the right answer is reached after the third round, and so on.

There is rather more involved in the game, including the use of “joker” rounds, which gives a team double points for that round.  And The List is yet another question in addition to the regular rounds, where the group has to come up with ten answers to a question.  The group gets one point for each correct answer until they get one wrong answer, and then they get no more points for The List.  This Quiz Night is quite involved, with several fun twists and turns, and I had a lot of fun.

Andrew’s group usually comes in second or third, but had never come in first place.  Until last night.  However, the points are compiled from all the weekly Quiz Night totals, and in that, Andrew’s group has long been in first place.  There must be a very big prize at the end of the year.

So, Andrew’s group came in first place last night, for the first time this year.  And they won by only one point.  They were quite glad I was there, because I knew the answers to a couple of questions (mostly about the USA) that they did not know.  If I had not been there, they might not have won.  However, that was only two or three answers out of more than a hundred, so my contribution was slight.

The Quiz Night at The Brew was so much fun, that I just might go again next week, even though I’m not part of Andrew’s workplace.  The entry fee is $5 per person.  (I’ll pay my $5 for last night next week, because as I said, I really had not planned to participate, and I had not even planned to stay the entire time.)


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